Frequently asked questions

Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions Konekta receives here. Is your question not listed? Then get in touch!

  • What exactly does Konekta Group do?

    Konekta Group is an employment agency for technical personnel in the Rotterdam region. We take care of recruitment and selection, recruiting the right people for the right technical vacancies. We are there for anyone looking for work or personnel in construction, logistics, tank construction, petrochemical, shipbuilding, onshore and offshore.

  • Does Konekta Group specialize in onshore or offshore work?

    Konekta Group has job opportunities for both the onshore and offshore industries. Click here for more information.

  • What kind of functions does Konekta Group offer?

    Konekta Group offers a variety of technical positions in construction, logistics, onshore and offshore, tank construction, petrochemicals and shipbuilding - in short, technical vacancies. For example, we usually have several vacancies for pipe fitter, ironworker, electrician, cable puller, yacht interior designer, machinist, grinder or welder in Rotterdam and surrounding area. Click here for all our vacancies!

  • Is Konekta Group only looking for technical staff?

    Konekta Group is essentially a technical staffing agency, offering mainly technical jobs. 

  • Does Konekta Group only have technical vacancies in Rotterdam?

    Although most of Konekta Group's vacancies are from Rotterdam, because we are a Rotterdam-based technical employment agency, we also regularly have technical jobs on offer in other places outside Rotterdam and even outside South Holland. You can view our vacancies here.

  • At what educational levels does Konekta Group offer jobs?

    In principle, you can join Konekta Group with any level of education. We have technical vacancies at every educational level. We also have technical vacancies for people with alternative diplomas or without education! On this page you can find all our vacancies!

  • How much experience do I need to bring with me to apply to Konekta Group?

    Because of our variety of job openings, we usually have work for everyone, regardless of your experience. We have positions for the more experienced technical workers, but also technical vacancies for people without experience! Here you will find a current overview of our vacancies!

  • What if my ideal job opening is not listed?

    If your ideal technical job opening is not found on our website, we encourage you to send an open application or activate our job alert. That way we can let you know right away if we have something for you!

  • I am looking for staff, how do I submit an application?

    If you are looking for suitable technical staff, please fill out the application form on this page. After this, we will contact you to meet in person and choose the right people for your needs!