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Does working on large boats and ships sound like a dream come true? Applying typical Dutch craftsmanship in yacht building? Then working in shipbuilding sounds like your new challenge! Our Dutch shipbuilding industry is specialized in dredgers, ferries, offshore vessels, yachts and special transport ships. Within this industry, people work at many different locations. It's work that requires flexibility, creativity and very special craftsmanship. Does this sound like something for you?

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Shipbuilding at Konekta Group

The Dutch shipbuilding industry is world-leading in building ships and boats. Being a Dutch company, Konekta Group is an important player in the shipbuilding sector. Many people before you have worked for Konekta at the shipyards of, for example, Royal De Vries Group Shipbuilding. When you work for Konekta, you'll be working at a shipyard together with your team. Here, ships are built, repaired and prepared. We are looking for flexible, creative specialists that have a feeling for excellent craftsmanship and who are not afraid to work hard! Sounds like you? Then we probably have the perfect shipbuilding vacancy for you!

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Konekta Group offers a wide range of shipbuilding vacancies throughout the Netherlands. Within this field of work there are various types of positions such as ironworkers, welders, bench fitters, pipe fitters and many more.

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Jobs in shipbuilding

Shipbuilding Welder


As a shipyard welder, you will be responsible for assembling and welding large and small customized structures using MIG/MAG welding technology.


As a machinist, you will make most of the parts in the workshop that you will later assemble on board the yacht.

Shipbuilding | Pipe fitter

Pipe Fitter

A pipe fitter deals with the assembly, installation and repair of various types of pipes, pipelines and piping systems.

Shipbuilding ironworker


As an ironworker in the shipping industry, you will carry out work to repair and/or renew parts on ships and steel structures.

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