Working in petrochemistry.

Ready for a new challenge in the petrochemical industry? Konekta Group has the perfect petrochemical jobs for you! The world of Petrochemistry consists mainly of separating crude oils from which various petrochemical substances are manufactured. Safety therefore is paramount in this industry. Are you curious what we can do for you? We would like to help you! 

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Work in the petrochemical industry

In the petrochemical sector, various chemical processes are carried out in factories or refineries. It is an indispensable sector for The Netherlands. After all, 60% of electricity is produced using petroleum and natural gas. It is very important that large industrial petrochemical plants are well maintained. But welding chemical tankers is also part of the job. In the petrochemical industry, we are looking for specialists like chemical analysts, service engineers, electricians, laboratory assistants, work planners, but also pipe fitter, forklift driver and even infrastructural workers.

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The petrochemical industry is so varied that it appeals to a wide audience. Konekta connects these organisations with the right employees. Working in Petrochemistry is a versatile and challenging profession.

Always wanted to get started with processing crude oil into different chemical products? Check our vacancies and/or use our Job Alert.

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