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Konekta Group

Konekta Group wants to connect people and organisations. For ten years Konekta Group has been connecting professionals and organisations by finding the perfect match between client and technical specialist. What once started as a collaboration to bring more technical personnel to the Netherlands, has now grown into an important link between companies and technical staff.

The start of something beautiful

Ten years ago, Konekta Group started as a project between Delta Metaal and Jarka Dadokova. There was a shortage of technical personnel in the Netherlands. At the time, the aim was to bring skilled technical employees to the Netherlands from Eastern Europe, mainly from the Czech Republic and Poland. Students from Eastern European technical schools started their careers at metal or technical companies in the Netherlands. But recruiting technically skilled youth was not enough to tackle the shortage, so one and a half year later, Jarka was followed by a small team that has now grown to over 30 office workers.

Today, with many great clients, Konekta Group matches technical personnel of all ages, from all over Europe, with the right companies. We are growing fast because of our specialisations in different industries. Our mission is to keep respect, care & growth central while connecting people and companies.

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Konekta Group's core values


Konekta Group specializes in the deployment of technical employees in construction, manufacturing, logistics, industry, shipbuilding, agriculture, horticulture and petrochemicals. Our colleagues are all professional and specialists that love their job and know how to get things done.

Fast & flexible

We speak the language of our clients. Through years of experience and personal collaborations, we are able to respond to the needs of our clients. Konekta Group strives for speed and flexibility.


We never sleep. Konekta Group is available for its clients at any time of the day. We understand the requirements and expectations, and we have designed our organization accordingly. This enables us to fulfill an optimal bridging function between client and temporary employee.

What others say about Konekta Group

"I am allowed to think along about materials, the implementation and the development of the employees. I really feel part of the team."

Gerard van Ommeren

Review Liviu Enache

"It feels good to work for Konekta, there are no problems and we understand each other."

Liviu Enache

Review Pieter Scheffer

"Nice and varied work! You don't know in the morning what the rest of the day will bring. It was like that in shipbuilding, but it's certainly the same at Konekta."

Pieter Scheffer

Review Tomasz Lemanczyk

"A friend recommended Konekta to me. I now have better working conditions than at the previous employment agency where I worked."

Tomasz Lemanczyk

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