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tank construction.

Are you experienced in the maintenance and construction of storage tanks, built on site or supplied ready-made over water? These tanks find their way to clients from many industrial sectors, intended for the storage of the most diverse liquids. In tank construction you work until after delivery of the tank in the form of maintenance and service. Curious about what we can do for you? Keep an eye out for our tank building jobs!

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Konekta's tank construction

We help our colleagues to build various tanks at different locations. We aim for quality and look forward to the future. In addition, different working methods enable us to create a safe working environment for colleagues and we do this with a positive attitude! We believe that when you do what you are good at and what gives you energy, you become your own person.

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Learn the latest techniques: The Auger method

There are various methods used in tank construction depending on the capabilities and requirements of our customers. The auger method is ideal for construction in confined spaces, minimising work at height and limiting the influence of external factors due to a partially covered work situation. Join Konekta and learn the latest construction techniques!

Konekta Group offers a large number of vacancies for the construction of storage tanks throughout the Netherlands. Will you join our team? Looking for a new challenge in this sector? Check our vacancies and/or use our Job Alert!

Jobs in tank construction

Tank Construction | Ironworker


As an ironworker, you will build prefabricated parts together, such as plates, profiles, beams, pipes and/or composite parts into a complete construction work. You will be working on things like tanks and related parts.

Tank Construction | Welder


As a welder in tank construction, you will work with various types of steel and mainly assemble and weld various tanks.

Tank Construction | Tank Cleaner

Tank Cleaner

To ensure the proper operation of storage tanks and maintain the quality of stored raw materials, you as a tank cleaner are essential.

Tank Construction Industrial Painter

Industrial Painter

As an industrial painter, you clean, paint and varnish different types of surfaces.

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