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onshore & offshore.

Are you ready for the next step in your career and are you a real technical expert? Do you want to work on an offshore wind farm or oil platform? Does working in an offshore or onshore industry sounds like an exciting challenge to you? Recognisable? Then we are looking for you! As an expert, we will build a technical career with you, seconded by technical personnel. Curious what this means to you? We would like to help you!

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Working in the offshore industry

The offshore industry revolves around the exploration and production of offshore oil, natural gas and wind energy. When you work in the offshore industry, you can work on a drilling or production platform or on a support vessel doing diving or crane work. Are you ready for an adventure? Discover the possibilities the jobs offer.

Working in the onshore industry

Onshore activities are concentrated in port areas, the petrochemical industry or the manufacturing and processing industry. Whether you are a technical novice or an expert, we are all working hard for your future. Do you feel at home in a vibrant workplace? Do you want to work with colleagues in a tightly integrated team? Discover onshore opportunities in our vacancies.

Do you like to go to work by helicopter? That's working offshore! Prefer to work closer to home? Then stay onshore.

We make shore - on and off

  • Hands-on: We make an effort for your career;
  • Expertise: Optimal deployment of your knowledge and work experience;
  • Commitment: Attention to both work and private life;
  • Certainty: No late payments, your certification always in order;
  • Commitment: The right job at the right place.

In relation to offshore, you can assume that onshore is on land. Working in the harbour, on an oil platform or on land brings other advantages. Working onshore means that your working days can be shorter and you can go home after work. Konekta Group offers a large number of vacancies in the onshore & offshore sector throughout the Netherlands. Are you looking for a new challenge in this sector? Take a look at our vacancies and/or use our Job Alert.

Jobs in onshore & offshore

Onshore Offshore Welder


As a welder, you make connections between pieces of metal to make products or parts.

Onshore Offshore Grinder


As a grinder, you perform machining work on fairly simple workpieces. You machine products and tools involving real precision work.

Onshore OFfshore Job Mechanic


As a mechanic, you will perform maintenance on gas and diesel engines, pumps, compressors, cranes, hvac units and watermakers.

Onshore Offshore job as a pipefitter


As a pipe fitter, you will be involved in the assembly, installation and repair of various types of pipes, pipelines and piping systems.

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