What exactly should be on a resume?

To make the process of hiring people as easy as possible for companies, a resume (also called a curriculum vitae) is required of every candidate. So if you are looking for a new challenge, the first step is to create a resume. But what exactly is on a resume? What is useful to put on a CV? And how can you distinguish yourself with your CV?

You can actually see a CV as your own business card. This business card should contain everything that is important to an employer, but also what you yourself find important to say. With this business card, you want to present yourself in the best possible way to increase your chances of getting a job. This article will discuss the most important aspects and provide some tips to create a high-profile resume and increase your chances.

What work experience should be on a resume?

Of course, each resume includes the work experience you have had. For each job you have had, include the title of this job, which employer you performed this job for and how long you held this job. The longer you worked at a company, the more interesting it is for recruiters to know exactly what you did during that time. Think about this in terms of the responsibilities you had and who may have managed you. Therefore, under each job, write a small piece about exactly what you did during this time. Make sure you list your work experience from most recent to least recent on your resume, so your most recent work experience is at the top. When creating your resume, also try to think about the relevance of work experience. A side job in a supermarket 10 years ago is not relevant work experience for most jobs. Also, don't forget to list your education, also in order from most recent to least recent. Practical matters such as possession of a valid driver's license or appropriate safety certifications, such as VCA, are also essential to include.

Here is an example of a good description of work experience:

Electrical Engineer High Voltage, Konekta Group (October 2022 - present).

As an electrician, I am responsible for independently installing power within the shipping industry. I inspect and perform maintenance work on electrical installations and collaborate on grid reinforcements and new installations.

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