Colleague speaks: Pieter Scheffer


Colleague speaks: Pieter Scheffer

Pieter Scheffer has worked in shipbuilding from an early age. He started his career at Amels, which has now become De Vries, after graduating from the Higher Technical School (HTS). There, he helped to further develop the yacht building industry. Pieter then dropped anchor at Pattje Shipyard in Groningen, later taken over by Volharding Shipyards, where he worked as project manager and technical director. Working abroad was certainly not unusual for Pieter. Romania, the Ukraine, Turkey, China and Greece were all part of his career. He eventually returned to his home port in Friesland at the old Volharding Shipyards location in Harlingen, which was taken over by Bodewes Shipyards in 2013, where he continued to build and develop ships.

Pieter and Marjolein hired staff from Konekta
The relationship with Konekta started in 2013. It all started when Pieter and Marjolein hired a group of 15 temporary workers (ironworkers and welders) and occasionally had a cup of coffee with Jarka (owner of Konekta) and Fred (account manager at Konekta).

Sitting behind the geraniums was not an option
In 2017 Pieter retired, but there was certainly no question of stopping. The love for shipbuilding remained and sitting behind the geraniums was not an option. However, some things have changed, such as his working relationship with his daughter Marjolein Scheffer. Marjolein was his assistant at Bodewes, but after a reorganisation Marjolein had to look for a new challenge. And what started with a few cups of coffee in 2013...

The roles are completely reversed

In 2018, Marjolein, as a brand new account manager, opened the doors of the Konekta branch North Netherlands in Leeuwarden. As a result of growth within Konekta, father and daughter were finally reunited in business in 2019, but this time the roles were completely reversed! Now Marjolein is in charge and Pieter supports where necessary in logistics and administration. His many years of experience and large network also come in handy for getting in touch with new customers.

From Vlissingen to Eemshaven
The Northern Netherlands branch is responsible for the scaffolding construction department and for a part of the metal division. People are at work from Flushing to the Eemshaven. They also visit clients together. The future goals of our Frisian dream team are: to keep a stable team at work, conquer even more clients and expand the construction department.

Never a dull moment' is what they often say to each other. You don't know in the morning what the rest of the day will bring. That's how it was in shipbuilding, but it's certainly the same at Konekta,' Pieter says, laughing.

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