Preparing for a job interview: how do you do it?

If you are invited for a job interview, you obviously need to prepare yourself to maximise your chances of getting a job offer. You have about an hour to convince a company that you are a suitable candidate for the open position. In this hour, there will be a lot of talking, and the interview can obviously go either way. Still, there are some certainties to an interview, so this is something you can prepare for. Do preparing for a job interview one or more days in advance. That way, the information will stay fresh in your mind and you won't have to think about what you had thought of again.

How do I explain my motivation?

Prepare a good motivation. Think about why you want to work at this company and why you want to pursue this specific job. Try not to come up with generic answers like "Because I like it". Companies are looking for the right fit, so try to think about what a company is looking for and what you can offer. Remember that there has to be mutual interest and you can also make demands of a company. A job interview is an alignment of mutual interests so try not to say too much about what they want to hear but mainly what you really have to offer.

You can substantiate your motivation or experience by citing examples from your past work experiences. However, try not to overemphasise the negative aspects of previous jobs or colleagues, but rather what you learned from these jobs or how you dealt with situations. Being solution-oriented and compromising are good qualities to highlight.

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