Recruitment and selection - How does it really work?

When a company is looking for new employees, for example for a new position in the company or because an employee has left, a company can approach it in several ways. For example, a company can look for new staff themselves. Sometimes a company is large enough to have an HR department. That department then handles the entire process, from recruiting suitable candidates to hiring the right staff. Sometimes this is easier said than done, especially in sectors where the demand for work exceeds its supply, such as the technical sector. Technical employees are hard to find, so sometimes companies cannot get their staff by themselves. In that case, they can hire a recruitment agency such as Konekta Group to take over the search task.

What are the advantages of a recruitment and selection agency?

When a company chooses to use a recruitment and selection agency, it is usually because the company itself does not have the resources to take control of the interview process themselves. So it is time efficient for the company to outsource most of the process. As a result, only the final step in the application process needs to be done by the company itself. Another advantage of recruiting through an agency is the expertise and network. In some industries, finding staff is challenging, so outsourcing that challenge is the best option both in time and possibly money.

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