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Onshore, literally means 'on the shore', so working on the mainland. The opposite word, offshore, comes up often in the engineering sector. This is because the Netherlands has many oil rigs where raw materials are extracted from the earth. However, a lot of raw material is extracted onshore these days. There are even onshore rigs, which basically operate the same as their offshore sibling. But what exactly does an onshore job entail?

To work offshore, you usually need to bring more experience with you. You are taken to work by helicopter and make 12-hour days. But what exactly do you do if you don't have that experience yet? You can then choose to gain more experience onshore. However, this by no means always means that onshore jobs are for beginners. Onshore jobs can also require professionals who have a lot of experience, for example in handling heavy machinery or specific equipment.

Onshore vacancies

Vacancies onshore

Konekta Group is always looking for talented technical staff, including in the onshore sector. You can view our onshore vacancies on this page. Is the onshore vacancy of your dreams not listed? Send an open application or sign up for our job alert to be immediately informed of our new vacancies. Are you looking for technical staff for (onshore) activities? Then click here to submit a request.

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